Corporate Profile

Mosaico is the largest digital platform of content and sales origination for e-commerce in Brazil. With a culture genuinely focused on consumer experience and with the purpose of transforming the consumer journey into a simple and delightful experience, we help our users from finding the product that meets their wishes and needs, to choosing the best place to buy it among more than 500 partner stores, until the end of the journey, accumulating cashback by shopping in our platform.  Our platform displays a broad assortment of product offers, having reached 75 million offers in September 2020 in more than 1,400 product categories including electronics and electrical appliances, beauty and health products, furniture and decoration, fashion and accessories, sporting goods, food supplements and footwear, among others.

We believe that the quality of our content and services, combined with our culture of focusing on our consumers, built over a decade, provides us with a unique value for Brazilian consumers. As a result, our clients engage with our brands and often visit our platforms and access our services, allowing us to build long-term relationships at a low client acquisition cost.

The simplified graph below demonstrates our value proposition: a platform that simplifies and adds value to the consumer journey – a complete “Shopping Assistant” – with a great capacity to originate sales for retail.

Our main brands for consumer e-commerce are Zoom and Buscapé. Buscapé is one of the pioneering brands in the Brazilian e-commerce, with a history of more than 20 years, and Zoom has shown strong and continuous growth since its launch ten years ago. The platforms – that can be accessed through mobile apps and websites, both in mobile and desktop versions – offer content and services that help consumers choose their products among retailers. Zoom has an exclusive intermediation solution by which consumers can finalize an pay for their purchases on the Zoom platform.

According to Reclame Aqui, the main website for the evaluation of companies and services in Brazil, our customer satisfaction rates are the highest among e-commerce companies and we have the RA1000 quality seal for customer service, which is given by Reclame Aqui to companies with the lowest complaint rates in the market.

We are a “people for people” company and we highly value our relationships employees, partners, and suppliers. For nine consecutive years, we received the Great Place to Work award, which awards companies with the best work environment.

The use of large-scale data, scientific analysis and process automation using artificial intelligence and machine learning are important to our business. We capture a large amount of data on how users engage our websites and apps, which allows us to continuously test new functionalities and the effectiveness of our existing ones as well as to refine our search and algorithms and continuously improve our services. Our marketing approach is highly quantitative and guided by data. We build tools that capture mass data from the places on which we advertise, and this helps us to calculate the return of our performance campaigns in real time. We believe that these actions allow us to be efficient in our marketing strategies.

In line with our positioning of being a “consumer friend” and our continuous search to ensure an increasingly complete and fluid user experience, we delivered our cashback plataform for consumers of the Zoom brand, in May. The project – developed internally in four months – represents the essence of what we believe at Mosaico: that user experience in their shopping journey should be as simple as possible, as well as generate more engagement and savings for users, an important step in the path of becoming a complete “Shopping Assistant”.

Continuing the execution of our strategy, still in May, we concluded the acquisition of Vigia de Preços a technology company that develops solutions to assist the digital consumer. This acquisition is a relevant move towards the Company’s strategic objective of expand our presence throughout the consumer’s shopping journey: with the added extension for Chrome browser that helps users to find offers, coupons and make price analysis in online retailers, we increase the interaction with users outside of smartphone applications and Mosaico platforms.

In this sense, we remain focused on the execution of new products and services organically, with a team increasingly reinforced by new talents, and looking for acquisition opportunities to add new resources to our platform, to accelerate growth and to expand operations to adjacent or similar markets.