Our founders were pioneering entrepreneurs with respect to e-commerce in Brazil, and founded their first company in 1999, called Bondfaro, having gone through different business phases such as international expansion and consolidation. In 2006, Bondfaro merged with Buscapé, which was sold to Naspers in 2009.

In 2010, with the experience and learnings of a decade as entrepreneurs, Mosaico Ventures was born in partnership with Grupo Globo. In 2011, the website Zoom.com.br was launched, presenting a new concept within to the Brazilian e-commerce: a mechanism that would assist the consumer throughout the purchasing process, as a friend. Rather than being just one more vendor, Zoom was created to help consumers to buy, aiming at transforming the purchasing process into a simple and delightful experience.

The purpose of Zoom was to offer high quality content that would be easy for consumers to understand and services to support their purchases. Before listing purchasing options for consumers, we always use rigorous criteria, to ensure that all Zoom partner stores are trustworthy.

To ensure that users always make the best purchase and at the best time, in 2012, we launched the price alert mechanism that advises consumers when a product reaches their desired price. We then started to make available historical prices of products, to provide full transparency to the consumers about the prices charged for each product on the market.

In 2013, Zoom launched its first institutional campaign to demonstrate its purpose of transparency and safety. In the same year, we created the Zoom Garante feature, to ensure delivery of the products, subject to reimbursement. For us, our role as “the consumers’ best friend” only ends when the product is delivered, meeting the consumers’ expectations.

In 2015, we developed a new service for consumers, comprised of a team of specialists to resolve doubts and answer questions about the products, and recommend the most suitable product according to the consumers’ needs.

In 2016, we expanded Zoom’s operation so the consumers could complete the purchase directly on our platform. This feature was especially aimed at small and medium-sized stores, as well as manufacturers, through our intermediation service.

Since our foundation, we have constantly grown and, since 2014, we have been consistently profitable. As a result of our financial performance, in 2019, we acquired Buscapé, and also added the Bondfaro, QueBarato, ModaIt and SaveMe brands to our portfolio and in 2020, Mosaico became the Company that concentrates the activities of Zoom and Buscapé